Educator Series

The Educator Series is by far Miller’s most cost and time effective product to date. Boasting many of the popular features found in similar models, the Educator line of products is made from select high-pressure laminates. Pre-engineered designs coupled with a select line of quality means we can provide you with your finished and assembled product on time for your next installation.


Sloped Rails:

 EDU-L25: 23.625″W x 25″D x 45″H — Color Finishes

  EDU-L34: 34″W x 27″D x 45″H — Color Finishes

Flat Top:

  EDU-F25: 23.625″W x 25″D x 39″H — Color Finishes

  EDU-F34: 34″W x 27″D x 45″H — Color Finishes

Rack Cabinet:

  EDU-R13: 25.125″W x 26″D x 28.5″H — Color Finishes

  EDU-R16: 25.125″W x 26″D x 33.75″H — Color Finishes

  EDU-R20: 25.125″W x 26″D x 40.75″H — Color Finishes


EDU-C2B: 43.5”W x 24”D x 30”H — Color Finishes

EDU-C3B: 64.875”W x 24”D x 30”H — Color Finishes