Classroom Series

The Classroom Series is designed for the engaged classroom.  The low profile top provides clear sight lines, encouraging student-teacher interaction while allowing maximum visibility for presenter and audience alike.  Available in standard or ADA compliant heights, the Classroom Series is perfect for any room.  With its pre-engineered design and a long list of standard features, it is the ultimate tool for the affordable, connected classroom. (AV equipment shown for illustrative purposes only)


Classroom 25

25″W x 24″D x 35″H  — 

25″W x 24″D x 39″H  —  

Classroom 32

32″W x 27″D x 35″H  — 

32″W x 27″D x 39″H  — 

Classroom 36

36″W x 30″D x 35″H  —  

36″W x 30″D x 39″H  — 

Classroom 43.5

43.5″W x 30″D x 35″H  —  

43.5″W x 30″D x 39″H  —